Spring Is Here! Spring Is Here! [Poem]

Photo by Slippy

Spring, what a wonderful season

Peep! peep! said the chick

Rain… splish…splash

Ice melts, sunshine comes

Night short, so sleep well

Gone again, gone… again here comes summer

My poem is an acrostic poem all about spring. You can see the word spring is the first letter of each line that is why it is an acrostic poem.

What is your favorite activity in Spring?

10 thoughts on “Spring Is Here! Spring Is Here! [Poem]

  1. An Acrostic poem for you!

    Light longer
    Outside more
    Very pretty
    Everything green

    Itchy eyes
    Tiptoe through the tulips

  2. Archie, this is a lovely spring poem! As someone from the midwest, too, where ice does melt and sunshine comes, you’ve captured the feelings of spring very nicely!

  3. Spring is a lot of things! I do love the scent of warm asphalt and spring rain. All the best
    Frida from Sweden

  4. Hi Archie , from Australia Sydney.
    Spring for us is the opposite to yours !
    1st of September !
    We love out side bbq’s
    Daylight savings

  5. This is beautiful!

    My favorite activity in Spring is to walk outside and feel the sun shining on my face!

  6. Wow it’s a wonderful poem, my favourite activity I do during spring is go out, feel mother nature and feel the weather to its fullest!

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